Project Management

BLIT follow the system engineering methodology in project management ensuring that the integration and interdependency of system and system requirements are satisfied.

Engineering Design and detailing

BLIT engineering design services include feasibility studies, the establishment of technical design criteria, detailed engineering, preparation of comprehensive detail design drawings, procurement assistance, contract management, site supervision, on-site commissioning services.

Budget Preparation

BLIT conceptual design and preparation of financial estimates service includes any combination of the technical design criteria, conceptual drawings depicting the overall concept and forming the basis of scope, fully detailed pricing schedules, quotations for major items of equipment, support documentation for all other items, list of assumptions, list of constraints, risk register, and analysis, energy cost estimate, estimate confidence level and preliminary implementation schedule. We comply with ISO 20000 for Budgeting and controlling

Quality Assurance Services

BLIT services include implementation of client quality assurance practices for specific quality-related services such as factory acceptance testing (FAT) of engineering equipment, on-site testing of equipment, vetting of vendor quality assurance programs, releasing of hold points in terms of appropriate criteria, preparation of quality management plans, quality troubleshooting, quality trend analysis, quality audits and development of quality checklists. We comply to ISO 9001:2015 standard for a quality management system (“QMS”). 

Technical Audits

BLIT services would include setting up audit criteria, carrying out the audit on a particular plant or construction site, liaising with other disciplines to present an integrated audit report, advising end-users concerning remedial actions, and assistance with preparation of final audit reporting. We comply with ISO 19011:2018

Technical Specification Preparation

BLIT services could include development of principal technical design criteria, conversion of such criteria into individual specifications, management and backup of such specifications, securing client approval and developing a database for such specifications, liaison with related industries to rationalize specifications in as far as this is possible and practical, regular updating of such specifications, aligning specifications with national and international norms, liaison with vendors and other stakeholders to ensure specifications are not unreasonable in terms of industry norms, to ensure that such specifications align with national safety requirements and ensure that such specifications align with national environmental requirements. We comply with ISO/TR 23605:2009 for Technical product specification (TPS).

Project Planning or Scheduling

BLIT services include preparation of draft project schedules for approval, refining schedule activities, sequencing project activities, activity duration estimation, schedule development, schedule control, assistance with duration compression (“crashing” and “fast-tracking”) if and when necessary, resource levelling heuristics, change management and variance reporting. We comply ISO 21500:2012, Guidance on Project Management

Strategy development

About us

Our Values

Our client’s growth is achieved through the integration of these three value propositions: Quality, Performance, Engineered solution

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality services to our clients, from concept, planning through to completion, with a highly skilled professional team working together, using common sense and practical experience.

Our Value Proposition

The BLIT value proposition is to offer:

  • Affordable quality products and services.
  • Tailor made solution to clients.
  • Offer competitive solution through research and development.