Business Development

Business Development

Most company governance process links project approval and prioritization with funding, resulting in an often-lengthy process. BLIT business development model advocate decoupling between project approvals and funding approval to accelerate time to market.

The proposed governance structure is a “fit-for-purpose” framework that will fast-track approval and funding support for opportunities while maintaining robust governance controls.

Growth Consulting

The BLIT growth consulting model provides specific tools and expertise to support clients through phases of the growth cycle, which include developing a pipeline of growth opportunities, evaluating and prioritizing those opportunities, formulating and implementing go-to-market strategies, and ongoing monitoring.

The objective of the Growth Model is to identify the Client Company’s Growth Zone and help them to capture the most attractive opportunities. The company’s growth zone covers growth opportunities that have been optimized and validated, based on its strategic objectives and capabilities weighed against opportunities in the marketplace.

BLIT can help with your specific growth initiatives whether they are related to a specific business decision or a broader issue or challenge. We comply to the EN16114:2011 “Management consultancy services” developed by the European management consulting industry and ISO 20700 for Management Consultancy Standards.

Growth Strategy Implementation

Companies develop promising growth strategies, only to see them fail due to unsuccessful implementation. BLIT's growth implementation solutions team helps clients develop processes and programs that support the efficient and successful implementation of their growth strategies.

BLIT offers a range of tools, organizational design expertise, and coaching capabilities to help clients assess their implementation skills, identify challenges, and devise improvement strategies. Our Growth Implementation Solutions team supports clients’ strategy execution efforts through tailored best practices implementation programs, networking events, and other solutions.

Customer Research

The BLIT research team focuses on in-depth analysis of customer groups and segments. Customer research operates in virtually every country around the globe and develops innovative market research solutions, each one tailored to clients’ specific business situations and needs. Applying our advanced analytical expertise, we conduct qualitative and quantitative research, assess the results, and synthesize the information into straightforward, accessible presentations. The methodology includes survey design, database development, statistical analysis, customer benchmarking, competitive rating, customer satisfaction, customer saturation; customer needs analysis, application analysis, and demand forecasting.

Our research can help you generate ideas for new products and services and validate effective pricing, branding, promotional, and channel strategies. We utilize, ISO 20252:2019 for Market, Opinion and Social Research, including Insights and Data Analytics may provide tangible benefits to marketing research and analytics companies, to the clients of research companies, and to the general public